Diversified Investments like Faith Based Investing and Hotel Investment takes a fund like Farr Investment Capital that understand the Faith Based Market very well. Farr Investment Capital may be the Best Investment Fund when it comes to Alternative Funds which allow substantial added value to each and every property. Eco - Friendly / Solar Powered Hotels & Resorts is our Specialty.

Making A $100 Million Impact Over The Next 10 Years (Eco Friendly & Faith Based).

We help diversify your investment portfolio by creating an asset that continue to grow in value.

Growing Wealth For Wise Investors Is Our Specialty and Focus.


                 International Partnerships - Joint Ventures

               *Africa                               * Mexico                   *United Kingdom                          

               *Brazil                               *South Africa           *Saudi Arabia

                *China                               *Europe                     *Germany

                *Canada                            *France                      *Spain

               *India                                 *Japan                     *Australia

**Open to other International Partnerships that may not be presently displayed herein.

We are very selective / strategic when it comes to identifying assets that we may add tremendous value and simultaneously increase the wealth for our investors.  Our team is always focused, friendly and professional, and they are like minded investors just like you.







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We know how hard it is to get someone to listen to you. We work with investors who seriously evaluate our investments against a volatile high risk market place daily.

Farr Investment Capital - Mission

         "Creating Wealth For Investors With Tangible Real Estate Asset Based Investments."

It's a jungle out there, and navigating the best Real Estate Investments with tangible assets requires a real pro. You can count on Farr Investment Capital, Inc to help you grow financially and safer.
It doesn't matter where you come from or what neighborhood you live in because we understand some of the best people should have access to better investments.