Director of Corporate Investments and Strategic Director of Operations. Brings 8 plus years to the table as an experienced Investment Banker for several of the major banking elite power house firms.

In addition, brings first hand knowledge of corporate hospitality operation for 4 and 5 Star Conglomerate Hotels.

Independent Investment Analyst for Farr Investment Capital 1, Inc that focus directly on analyzing potential new clients, private equity, new deals, investment projects and / or review submitted documentation.

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Ken Farr is CEO & President of Farr Investment Capital 1, Inc and former Managing Partner for Farr Venture Capital Fund, Inc. Ken leverages unique insights gained from his 25 years experience in business, corporate law, investing, technology and operating early-stage companies to make and manage venture investments for Institutional Investors, Accredited Investors and High Net Worth Investors / Individuals. Ken has a PhD in Humanities.

Previously, Mr. Farr worked for H.H. Technologies, Inc.  He joined H. H. Technologies after building several profitable companies from the ground floor and served as a CEO and Founder. Mr. Farr, has 10 years experience in Digital Marketing, eCommerce, SAAS, Wireless, I.T., Mobile and Product Management.

Ken is a former Board Member for The City of Dallas, Texas. Also, served on several non profit boards and for profit as a President, Vice President, Director and / or Business Manager Consultant Executive.

Ken has developed real estate and construction related projects throughout Texas.


Sonny C. is an investment associate for Farr Investment Capital 1, Inc  that focus on International Investors and Asian Investments.