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Portfolio - Acquisition of Hotels, Multi Family & Single Family Development.

*(Anticipated and Projected).

Hotels Class A & Class B from $4.7 Million to $12.8 Million (2000 + units) (Eco - Friendly & Solar Powered).

Multi-family Class A & Class B From $4.5 million to $14.5 million (2000 + units) (135 to 400 units).
Affordable Housing From $300,000.00 to $475,000.00 (2000 + units) (Based on Subdivision Locations).

Construction, Development & Management of over 2,000 Affordable Housing Units.
(Single Family - Residential, Class A Multi-Family, High Rise Housing, Student Housing & Senior Housing)
Acquisition, Construction, Development & Management of over 2,000 Class A Multi-Family Units.
Each of the companies we select share important characteristics:

Farr Investment Capital, Inc have an emphasis on long-term market growth and leadership, the approach and the goal to build value that capture the imagination, and the desire to have a broad and lasting impact. Take a look at Farr Investment Capital, Inc Portfolio & Strategies for your investment.